Could this be a hen or a roo??


9 Years
Apr 10, 2013
Riverton, UT
This white leghorn chick is just 5 wks old. She has a light pink comb but it's kind of big. She usually stands tall and her tail feathers tend to be upright a lot of the time which is what scares me. The IFA where I bought her said they only purchase hens and looking at their newest 2 week old chicks I noticed almost all of them already have combs and look just like her. My pics are not the best but praying someone can tell is she's a hen or

a roo.
Wait a bit longer. Leghorns get big cobs kind of fast. And really i don't see much cob. Wait until it is 8 weeks maybe so then post pics again, with a better side view of the chicks head so we can see the cob more.

Is the 4week-ish Blue Orp chick on the right a hen or a roo? Hen Hen Hen Hen
Here are some updated pics of my WL at 5 1/2 weeks. Any guesses on gender? I am really starting to lean towards hen. She has a light pink comb but she still stands upright which is my only concern. All other features look like a hen to me. What do ya'll think?


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