Could this be a record? GOT PIX!!!


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Southwestern, In
Our Cross-eyed Ragdoll cat caught 7 mice yesterday! 2 during the day, 2 more before I went to bed, and I found 3 she got in the middle of the night! I was sweeping up the 3 this morning, and singing 3 blind mice.... my 14 yr old daughter chirps in with "yeah Mom! They'd have to be for Fluffis to get them!" I called her my vicious little mouser!
I wonder how many got away, and are still lurking around? Ewwww!
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She was one busy kitty! Good for her! Yep, let's see a pic please. Of the cat, not dead mice.
Can I borrow her?????? I went up to my property in the country today and found mice have been everywhere in my shed.

What a wonderful cat...well worth keeping just for the fact she keeps the mouse population in control like that- even if she is a pet rather than a mouser.

These arn't the best photos.... Kennedy steals my camera batteries for hers, and I end up with goofy pics like this! She's so laid back, Them kids can pretty much do whatever to her!
Hard to believe she's a vicious mouser!
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