Could this be a roo?


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May 15, 2009
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I got 2 feed store EEs some weeks back, and from the outset I noticed a difference in feather production, and one with a more aggressive attitude, so I assumed he was a rooster, and indeed he is. Now after reading way too many posts on this site, I'm curious if the other could be one as well.

I had read about someone getting rid of a roo, only to find that his 'sister' was actually a brother.


In the foreground, 'Penguin' is the bird in question.


somewhat of a close-up.

I think (hope) it's a girl, but there is that seed of doubt, so if anyone has any guesses then I'm eager to hear one way or the other.

They are both beautiful birds.
Arizona Desertchicks, how can you tell an EE by coloring?
I have 5 they all have different coloring, and they are 4 weeks old. They are supposed to be pullets, but I am not counting my eggs just yet..
The EE's I have had in the past from the hatchery have more solid coloring if they are roosters. But this one doesn't look like a hatchery EE at all, and he's really speckled and no

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