could this be a sign?


10 Years
Feb 8, 2009
South Western Kansas
i went out to the coop a while ago and found one of my hen's just laying there, normaly she's not to friendly but let me check her and pet her a bit (on her terms) she seems normal , i watched her for a bit and she seem to rolls from side to side, gt's up and walks a bit and then lays down again....i did put treats out in the run and she came running down the ramp to get them...none of my hens are laying yet? this a sign or is she vent locked?
A few of my hens are doing the same thing. Making little nests in the shavings, laying there and sort of shifting side to side. They seem to be ok, eating and drinking like normal. I got my first egg 3 days ago and nothing since. I would like to hear what the more experienced folks have to say about it.

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