Could this be a speckled Sussex chick?


May 17, 2017
Hi, I'm new here. We received our first ever chicks in the mail this morning and they all arrived alive, even after the post office left them for 24 hours without shipping. :( We ordered 3 Easter eggers, a speckled Sussex, and a Meyer meal maker. The Easter eggers are easy to identify, and there's a light colored one that I think may be a white rock, which leaves this one... But she doesn't look like any speckled Sussex pictures I've seen! Did they make a mistake? I know it's early, but she has very few markings.
Doesnt look it. Looks a bit like our hatchery RIRs?
Baby speckled Sussex are dark shaded 'chipmunk' patterned. and have 'eyeliner'. Sometimes hatcheries throw in 'extras' for 'warmth' (and to get rid of unwanted males), so it could be something you didnt even order.

Here is a photo of Cuckoo Marans and Speckled Sussex chicks:

This photo is a speckled sussex (note eye liner in this pic) with 2 black Langshan:

And here is a RIR (darker one) with a buff orpington
Welcome to BYC and congrats on the new chicks...I agree that it doesn't look like an SS. I have one Speckled Sussex and she had chipmunk stripes as a chick. It will be interesting to find out what yours is, keep us updated......
I agree with you @SueT ! And absolutely I think the chipmunk stripes on a baby SS chick is precious! From what the picture of what you have, it looks precious too!

Most likely, I don't want to mislead you but; it looks like a red star?
I never had them, but I know what they look like.

Good luck and yes, keep us updated!

-The Angry Hen

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