Could this rooster be a hen?

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    May 23, 2011
    I have a main flock of 8, that we hatched back in April, 2 roos and 6 hens. Because we wanted to keep both the roos we needed to get more hens so we got 2 RIRs, a Barred Rock, 3 Brahamas, 3 Buff Orpingtons and 3 Ameracaunas. I know for sure that the Ameracaunas, Buffs, Brahamas and the Rock are hens and I also know for sure, that 1 of the RIRs is a roo (he's crowing his head off!) The other RIR has me a bit looks like a rooster although the comb and wattles aren't as bright red or as big as the other RIR roo? I see what look like spurs forming on the legs, however, this morning, I watched one of my other roos doing the dance, putting down a wing etc to this particular RIR, although the roo didn't mount the RIR?? Could this RIR be a hen????? I'm praying that it is because we love these two RIRs and would love to keep them but 4 roos in a flock of 20 probably isn't a good idea and we can't get more hens.
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    Roos will strut and flirt with any chicken, other roos included! You could post pics. here for help.

    Check the feathers just in front of the tail. A hen's feathers there are short and rounded while the roos will be long, skinny and pointed.

    And I have a few hens with spurs so not always reliable to sex them that way! good luck.

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