Could this stress my pullets into stopping laying...?


9 Years
Dec 7, 2010
North Atlanta suburbs
Last Friday I gave away a Buff Orp who only laid soft shelled eggs (I tried everything, to no avail). On the same day, I brought home a seven month old Plymouth Rock and added her to my backyard flock of two (now, three). She laid her first egg in the coop today...but my other two pullets who were quite regular haven't laid since Friday! Could they really be that stressed out about losing one chicken and getting a new "friend" that they aren't laying??! I even gave them chopped steak tonight trying to get back in their good graces.
Perfectly normal. It happened to me when I removed the "top" hen in the pecking order because she was being over-bred and needed some isolation time to heal. They all stopped laying. When you remove a flock member, they feel threatened. Like a predator came in and killed her. After a little while though they should adjust fine. Add some more protein to their diet, as well, that should help out a bit. Good Luck!

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