Couldn't Resist!!


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
Well both Monday and Today I just had to stop into TSC. My daughter was upset on selling a few of our extra chicks so I promised we could go "look" at some. Well...on Monday we came home with 6 EE's, all different colors, my daughter really liked the white one and you had to get 6, see what happens when you look. Then today my daughter asked can we please!!!!! see if they have baby chicks still, I couldn't say no sooo.... They had mixed red pullets in a bin and well 6 more came home! We hopefully came home with a nice variety (tried to pick different reds) the sign said they had Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, Red Sex Links, Production Reds, and Tetratints (the only white chicks with black spots in the group) curious how the Tetratint will look. Will post pics later after I get the camera all charged. DH doesn't know we picked up more, hopefully he doesn't notice the chick count increasing

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