Coup de grâce


10 Years
Jan 10, 2010
West Sound, Washington
Captains build log: Stardate 4.10.14

After finding a suitable structure in both asthetics and size, we set upon exploring the possibility of building our own feathered life form detainment unit.

Just kidding, I wouldn't be able to keep that up...

Anyway.. Wife and I liked the looks of this, and it was the right size.. So we're making a facsimile..


Didn't take many pictures so far, but through we'd throw this out there for entertainment purposes.

Day 2 after foundation and floor leveling we started in on framing:

Here's the "Helper".
And we're using that term VERY loosly.. As he pretty much ensures that we actually get done about 10% of what we could otherwise accomplish in one day..

Tonight I finished the nest boxes which will hang on the outside in the holes framed out in the picture above:

Now off to change my band-aid. Apparently finish nails like to make unexpected 90' turns when shooting them into the end-grain of plywood. (Yeah, it went through my finger with no problems though....)

Been really bad about getting pictures for this build. We're at the trim and paint and the 100 other small things we forgot to do part of the build.

Planning on getting them out in there this weekend!

We're behind schedule, so we finished the interior and any structural / safety stuff on the exterior. Basically paint and trim are left.

So tonight is their first night in the coop. After the sun went down I snuck down with a flashlight to see what they were doing. All asleep, but in the wrong spot!

2 were in the window sill staring at me.
2 were on the ledge of the nest box (I stuffed a mat in there so they couldn't get in the box. but the ledge was big enough to sleep on apparently.)
1 was most of the way up the ramp
and the rooster was sleeping in the corner in the sand on the floor. (Maybe, just maybe (s)he's just a very-alpha-hen?)

So.. I quietly opened the back, and gently put them up on the roost. The fluttered a little, but hunkered right down where I had placed them to sleep.

Hopefully they'll get the hint. :)

Tomorrow: Cover the nest box better so they can't sleep on the ledge.
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