Couple Chicken Questions


5 Years
Feb 24, 2014
I have a black Australorp. He/She is beautiful. 6 weeks old. I'm wanting to be sure she is a she! I figured this would be the spot to ask! lol While I also share pics of my Australorp, I will share one of my other ladies. I have two of this breed and I don't know WHAT breed they are. They are slightly smaller than all my others. Maybe slightly bigger than my polish. But no where near the size of my Austrolorp or my Cochins! So i would love thoughts on their breed as well! All these chickens are 6wks old.

So here is my Australorp. Think male or female? Too early?

And here is my chicken that I'm curious what breed it is. She has kinda a rust color on her chest. But more grey and like a light brown speckle on her back. And tail feather are all solid black! I have two of this breed. Very curious but still skiddish.

Thanks SO much in advance for taking the time to look and guess! <3
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Your Australorp looks like a pullet for now. As for the breed of your mystery birds, I would say Silver Phoenix or Silver Duckwing Old English Game.

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