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    Apr 23, 2016
    So, my coop build has started. It is going well and I have researched so many aspects of what I like and don't like, etc. However, I am still "winging it" with out a set of plans or drawings". I'm pretty good with wood working so I'm not too worried.

    Here are several questions that have come up and want to get an answer so I can continue without delay this weekend.

    1. How many sheet the interior of the coop or are most just leaving it with studs? Seems like it may be easier to attach all the accessories if it were not sheathed.

    2. If I use a standard 2x4 for my roosts, how wide are your poop boards and how far below the roosts do you mount the poop boards?

    3. Is it better to have the roosts all at the same height or is staggered vertically ok?

    Thanks for the help
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    first of all .... [​IMG] from the San Diego High Desert

    1. many dont for that very reason.
    2. More complicated answer.... some use poop boardrs I will let them answer.... some use deep litter.... I will let them answer... and some use canvas catchers called hammocks.. I plan on using the latter... the answer is what ever is convenient... LOL...
    3. I prefer to do the roosts at all the same height. eliminates squabbling over prime territory... [​IMG]

    Important: set your roosts higher than the nests.... Helps keep the sleepers out of the nests.

    nest sleeping invites pooping in the nest.... NOT good.

    I am in San Diego county. it helps others to answer your questions to add your general area.... climate and what not....

    what I can advise will not help everyone....


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