Couple new additions. (pic)


11 Years
Oct 21, 2009
Oregon Rain Forest
I was bit by the chicken bug last spring. I've always been a bird lover keeping mostly parrots, so it was only natural to branch out and acquire some chickens, which I am so glad I did. Anyway while on the other side of town this last weekend I decided to stop in at the local feed store to see what they have. Sitting in their bins were the sweetest little Silver laced polish, I love polish and I've been looking for these locally for quite some time, so of coarse I couldn't pass it up, and since the baby needs a friend I got a golden sebright for company.

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Thanks all. They are cute. Little sebright is a firecracker and full of herself, the first night she chirped and chirped so loud, I had to wrap her in a towel to get her to calm down, what a voice for a small little one. I really didn't want the sebright, I would have opted for another polish, but my daughter insisted on the little one and now I'm pretty glad I got her. I've got a bater full of various polish egg's, so the sebright will be something different.

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