Couple of questions on pol and non laying hen if u be so kind :)


Jun 20, 2020
England UK
Hiya lovelies!!
First of all i have 4 silkie mixes i hatched 21 weeks ago all seem to be pullets and at pol just wondering do i need to bother with fake eggs? They share their coop and run with 5 laying hens and 3 nest boxes and guessing observe them couple of squats when im near which i know is a good sign :) also i rehomed a BO whose 21 months old when i got her she apparently hadnt layed in 2 months so now its been 5 months just wondered if u think she may lay again? Doiny everything right nutrition and home wise has finished a malt could time year be delaying production also dnt mind if she doesnt lay she is well loved pet just curious
Sam 💖💋🌹
I really see no downside to using fake eggs. Just because hens are laying in front of POL pullets doesn't mean they'll put 2 and 2 together and realize that's what the boxes are for, so fake eggs may help with that, as well as deter curiosity pecking and encouraging the flock to spread out and use all the nest boxes.

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