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  1. SusanD

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    Does anyone know of a good product for cleaning urates off of things? Our chickens have been leaving droppings on the top of our prefabbed coop and also on the blocks my parents put down for people to (in theory) walk to the nestboxes). I have been picking the poop off, but would love to be able to clean things more throughly (if only for aesthetic reasons).

    Also, as those of you who replied to my earlier posts may remember, I was somewhat concerned about the inside of out coop getting wet during the rainy season. The good news is that with turning it so the door is out of the wind, it seems to be doing a good job of keeping them dry. The bad news is that it seems to be developing a bit of a funky odor, so I think that some of the dampness was picked up by the straw (nestboxes) and pine shavings. I did put some dry den down to absorb any dampness and the odor went down less noticeable levels. So, I will be changing materials more frequently. Does this sound more of a ventilation problem or damp straw problem or both?



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    Dec 11, 2011
    I love agricultural lime. I sprinkle it on heavy and I find it neutralizes odors and fixes PH. As a farm we do a deep little method and I lime the coops when I find the ammonia rises a bit.within a day we are back to composting and the odor is gone.
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    Jul 16, 2015
    central Wisconsin
    I too love barn lime, we used it all the time when we had a dairy farm, and I use it in all my coops and in my run.
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    Thanks. As a followup question, has anyone tried Poop-Off Bird Remover Products, and would these be a good product for me to use for cleaning the outside?

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