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8 Years
Jun 20, 2011
Hi Chicken Friends! I am about to put the "big girl feeder" in for my girls and I'm concerned that the feeder is not covered (it is an 11lb. hanging feeder in a covered coop). Should I be concerned about the food getting damp and moldy? Should I try to cover it some way? A hard blowing rain could get it wet. We are in SW Ga. Thanks!
You know those thin plastic water catcher things you put under your flower pots? You can by them from walmart for like under a buck. I put a hole in it and slide it over the hook and it covers it completely but for a seven pound feeder I had to go to 18 inch to better cover for rain etc. It's dark but I will run outside and take a pic for you LOL... Give me a few minutes.

okay here it is.....
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for me it works great. Some people put the food and water in the coop but I don't like the food they peck out to mix in with the wood shavings I have in the coop. Seems like they never eat it all and watste it.
I took the lid to a plastic ice cream bucket and cut a slit in it to slide over the hole in the feeder (I have a 7lb hanging feeder) - very similar to 202roosterlane's cover. I did it because one of my chickens flew up onto it one time and slipped down inside
Best feeder ever! I love KDK1's design so much, I made my hubby build one for my girls. It stays very dry inside and takes up very little coop space inside.
These are all nice ideas! Does anyone know how to make a feeder that is at least semi goat proof? Winter coming and won't be much to forage around for and my goats will eat all of the feed if I leave it out for my girls. I am starting to stress a bit over it and have been searching all summer for something to help me but no success.

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