COVID: I've been at home far.too.long–intervention urgently needed.

Orpingtons Mom

13 Years
Jun 4, 2009
Fredericksb'g/Culpeper VA
Yesterday I started a thread about creating a new chicken breed. It kinda went off the rails,...

This morning, it got worse. Seriously. I have now been at home for 10 MONTHS. And, quite frankly, I AM losing it. To wit:

And there's MORE...

" Gaze deeply into the eye of a chicken, and what do you see? Some see terrifying stupidity. But researchers at Princeton University and Washington University in St. Louis say they see in the bird’s eye the first known biological occurrence of a strange state of matter known as “disordered hyperuniformity.”

" Along with eggs, soup and rubber toys the list of the humble rooster's most lasting legacies may eventually include optics that can transmit light with the efficiency of a crystal and the flexibility of a liquid. "

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