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May 26, 2020
Hi. I'm new. I had chickens 15 years ago and I'm starting over. I found the info on Covid very helpful. I have lost four new babies. I am going to use a old two horse trailer converted with plywood and next boxes for their house. Put plywood sheets up inside to close it up and attach next boxes to. My husband did a great job. Trailer is now up on blocks and secured inside a yard that has over 1200 feet of room. We used "horse" panels that have a 2x4 inch squares and heavy guage and netting on top. I'm thinking of planting some shrubs and "knockout" Rose bushes inside the area for more shade. Babies will stay inside for awhile till they can't fit thru a 2 inch opening. I am so excited. We also have goats that are kidding. Have nine babies now with 14 more nannies left to kid. So far not having to bottle yet . Looking forward to reading info on this site and asking questions !
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