Coyote or Fox Attack


5 Years
Oct 1, 2014
Sad News! Sunday my chickens and rooster were free ranging right next to the house at about 1pm. They were attacked by something and it got my beautiful rooster and two of my layers.

One of my layers seems to have a broken foot or leg. She is having trouble leaving the coop, so I have put food and water inside for her. I have seen her stand several times but she can't put weight on her foot. Will this eventually heal because of her keeping her weight off of it? I am wondering if and when I need to euthanize her. I don't think that it is much of a life for her to scoot out of her own waste but otherwise not move.

Another of my hens has a broken or dislocated wing. After the initial shock, she seems to be eating and entering and exiting the coop without too much of an issue.

Has anyone had something like this happen?
I appreciate any and all advice.
I think most all of us who free range, or have ever free ranged, have had losses to predators. It would be wise to keep your birds penned for a while because whatever it was will most likely be back looking for more.

As far as your birds injuries? Chickens often heal amazingly well but if there are broken bones they do need some attention. Do you have access to an avian vet who could help determine what's wrong and help with treatment?
I hadn't thought of finding someone specialized to look at the chickens. I will look into that. I have kept them in the coop with the same thought - that some 4 legged creature is looking for another free lunch!
Thanks for your advice!!
I just wanted to send out an update. My 2 injured chickens healed nicely and are both out and about again. I only let them free range when I follow them around the yard. I found success in letting them out close to sunset. They peck around pretty close to the run for about 20 or 30 minutes and then go in and climb into their coop for the night. So happy to have waited out the injuries!

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