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5 Years
Jan 31, 2016
So I just started raising chicks about 6 months ago. There has not been a predator attack yet, but many very close calls.

Early in the spring we had a big problem with black bears, they would tear apart our garbage and eat from my chicken feeder. I have my chickens free rangeing. The bears have not even tried to hurt or touch any of my chickens.

The real concern I have us about coyotes. The other day we had some bear activitie, so I kept looking out our window to just If it would come back. The bear didn't come back but something else did. A coyote. As I was looking of my deck into the woods behind our house,I noticed the chickens were doing there usually digging and scratching, but about 20 feet to the left of them was a coyote getting ready to snatched them up. Luckily I had my pellet gun with me. I gave the coyote a little sting and it has not been back sin.

Is there any oldie tricks out there to keep predators away from chickens, I would really appreciate any advice u have for me.
Given what you have said so far, if you continue free ranging with no protection, you are likely to loose a bunch of birds, if not all of them. Not really a matter of IF, only a matter of WHEN.

The solution is an electric fence. It's an old trick and probably still the best one.
Electric fence would be ideal.
Stop free ranging your birds until you get their coop and run secured against predators.
You can't be there all day and night with a pellet gun unfortunately.

Howard E is right, it's when your flock will be attacked, not if.
I agree with the electric fence solution. I have a friend in Alaska who raises chickens, and they have brown bears up there that aren't afraid to come into civilization and look for food. My friend lives on a salmon-bearing stream, so brown bears also come by now and again. She has a "bear fence" around her chicken coop and run. Five or six strands of what looks like thick cord, but is electric fence. No problems with bear yet! I'm not sure what it would take to stop a black bear, but I know in the northern part of my state, beekeepers have electric wire (looks fairly stout) around their hives to keep bears out.

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