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    You are this, a Coyote. You must live through the dry season and survive till spring to raise your offspring, but beware of your surroundings. Step into the wrong territory and its WAR! Try and prevent wars as much as possible, for they can be deadly. Watch out for the city's where people live, and stay true too your name. For your mission is hard and only the Strongest will outlive the weaker, join this RP to claim that your not a weak-link

    • I am in charge of this RP What I say goes
    • Do not start RP'ing till i have accepted you
    • No cussing
    • All BYC Rules apply
    • No taking other people's characters
    • I you want to gang up on other coyote's then do that through PM's
    • You may have only one high-rank such as watch guard,alpha,beta, the second must be of a lower rank even if you want to be in another pack. Choose a alpha,beta,watch guard etc. In one pack, then in the second pack choose a lower rank (Courtesy of other Coyotes) such as member,pup
    • You may only have 2 coyotes per member
    • Have fun (And keep this Rp PG!)

    Territory Map

    Praire Coyotes- They are the best pack to be in. Their alpha's are smart,kind,aggressive, but they do fear the Heartbreak pack.. For the Heartbreak pack has killed one of their member's so Its time for revenge!

    Attacker Coyotes- These Coyote's are the best pack to be in, if you want to have plenty of food. Although their main source of water is running dry

    Heartbreak Coyotes- These Coyotes are killing Machines. They don't leave any meat when supper time is done. Ruled by mean alpha's there main target is the Praire Coyotes, because they see their pack as the most strong. Although they lack in love, and its tough to be like by the alpha

    Tropical Coyotes- These Coyotes live in the tropicana fields where food and water is abundant. There life is great but they don't have very good shade from the blazing sun


    Alpha male- The protector for their pack from loner Coyotes
    Alpha female- Normally leads all charges during attacks and tells group what to do

    Beta-2nd in command these wolves are always 2 males, who are under the authority of the Alpha male. And are in charge when the Alpha's aren't around
    Watch guard- Consisting of at least 2 female's always on the watch for danger
    Member- lowest rank in the Ranks, but are loyal to Alpha's
    Pups- Are the packs future, it is vital that they get meals and full protection.

    Pups: (If have any)

    Have fun!
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    Jul 28, 2014
    Name: Jaguar
    Age: 2
    Gender: M
    Mate: (None,not yet)
    Pups: (If have any)
    Pack: Praire Pack
    Rank:Alpha Male
    History: Father was Alpha Male, then died. So Jaguar took his place
    Description: See pic above

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