Coyote trouble...


7 Years
Nov 5, 2012
Okay, so we have had this coyote visiting our property ever since we have moved here! And this coyote even pops out in daylight!! But he has not only been posing a threat to our family (This coyote is bigger then Natalie who is now 6 years old) but our chickens to! He has been coming and killing our chickens. Last week we were all outside and the coyote came and tried killing Natalies chicken... that was until we came at him with a broom! But when we were not looking he killed Lacey who is our SLW! But we were still outside when he killed her! What should I do to get rid of the coyote???
I live in Washington. And yes we can shoot. But I dont really like the idea of killing a animal. Is there a safer way of getting him to stop killing our chickens and stop coming to our property?? Besides killing him... Oh and last week we got the news that this coyote has even killed somebody's small dog! And we have 3 small dogs! Just putting that out there..
You might not like the idea of killing an animal, but how many animals does that animal have to kill before you decide the more humane thing to do is end its life? Killing in defense of one's life/family/property/etc is justified.
It is a threat to your child(ren), your livestock, and your pets. I'd say shoot it. However, you can trap it and I believe animal control would relocate it. The problem with relocating is that now it becomes someone else's problem. It's not really solving the problem, just giving it to someone else. I hope you find a solution that works for you soon. And sorry for your loss :(
Your coyote has found a reliable source of chicken dinner, he's not going anywhere.

Your options are to lock up your flock, put him down or risk injury to your family from an increasingly bold predator.
(Sigh) Okay........ I guess the only option I have is to kill it. Since it is a threat to my children, livestock, and my pets! Well thanks for all your help. I needed it....

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