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Mar 18, 2016
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I was gone for 3. Hours. 3 HOURS! But that's all it took for some stupid coyote to come eat my baby. My hen Betty, I literally told myself yesterday. "Well, if something happens she will protect her babies." Ya, she did. No body, no feathers, no tracks but NO BETTY. Sorry if I sound crazy but I am seriously tired of this. This is the third hen this month for some coyote to decide to eat. And Betty had a family, I know it sounds cheesy. She had 5 chicks and Toastie (One of her chicks,) Is taking it really hard. She hid from me and just sat in the corner. I really wish coyotes would just leave my chickens alone. :hit
So sorry for your loss, it's really sad. Are her chicks okay?
Electric fencing, and a safe coop and run are necessary. Did you see tracks? Could have been a dog, fox, or hawk, if you don't have evidence. All of them will be happy to have a chicken dinner. And many predators would also get all the chicks too. Chickens are so vulnerable, and it really hurts sometimes.
Thank you, I didn't see anything. Her chicks are all okay. They are cuddling under me and my sister covered in a towel. I guess it was kinda my fault. I let her roam outside their coop and run which are both very secure. The coop is made of hard wear cloth and is inside my dad's shop. The run has multiple layers of fencing. I just assumed it was a Coyote cause they have eaten my chickens before.

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