Coyotes very active in my area...what size/type wire to use for coop??

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    Coyotes have killed several calves fact they have been seen hanging around when one of the cows is trying to calve waiting on the calf to hit the ground. It is awful. I'm sure they would love to have a side of chicken to go with their beef, UGH! My question is...what size/type of wire to use on my coop/run that would be coyote proof or at least resistant. I am going to go get it tomorrow and would love some input! Oh, and do you recommend the premier fencing to go around the coop/run?
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    Jan 27, 2007
    EllyMae, hi! I don't know about Premier. We use 1"x2"x72" welded wire for the runs. If the runs will be uncovered, given your pred. load, you might consider stringing a few strands of something `electrified' as well.

    The 6 ft. welded wire can be hard to find. I know Red Brand fencing is carried by several retailers and if it is not in stock they should be able to order it.

    Good Luck!
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    The electric fence wire around the outside bottom has worked for me. I see coyotes every week and they don't mess with the electric wire they walk way around it. They have found it before [​IMG]
    Good luck.
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    I'd go with hard ware cloth, a skirt on the coop/run, and electric wire.
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    Quote:LOL. Kinda like my basset hound "found it" when we put our pasture fence took her two times...she is a slow learner![​IMG]

    Thanks for all the input, I really appreciate it.
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    We have a lot of coyotes around too, I hear them about every night, but my dogs keep them away form the yard and the cow lot. I know if it weren't for the dogs I'd probably be having issues with them.
  7. Well, we live in an area with LOTS of coyotes, bear & cougar. I've only seen one cougar here & two bear--but countless coyotes.

    We don't have any perimeter fencing other than smooth twisted wire for the horses--which is three strand, with a single strand of electric, but dogs/coyotes can easily pass through it.

    Since we got our LGD, we've not had ANY problems with coyotes in the three years we've had our coop. Cash does an amazing job patroling our place, but he leaves the deer to eat my tulips, my roses & our new trees! GRRR. I guess it's because we drilled the "no chasing livestock" thing into his head so much that he just lets them pass through & eat things. [​IMG] But as far as coyotes are concerned, they've not been an issue for us.

    We just used regular chicken wire (the smaller mesh kind so chicks couldn't escape & wild birds can't get in) and it's held up. We also buried it about 6 inches in the ground & flared it out from the coop to prevent dig-ins.

    Hope that helps?
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    Apr 3, 2008
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    Coyotes are nasty little buggers. Whatever you fence it with, I would reccomend fencing the top too, or at least definitely a few electric strands. The coyotes here scale 7 foot fences like they're nothing. We leared our lesson after a coyote got my mom's pet Pekin duck one night... $500 vet bills for emergency duck surgery are no fun.

    (My mom is one of those... that spends $500 on a $5 feed store duck [​IMG])
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    Quote:I like the way your dear mom thinks! She knows the cost in dollars bears no resemblance to the real value [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Apr 3, 2008
    Norco, CA
    I like the way your dear mom thinks! She knows the cost in dollars bears no resemblance to the real value

    Lol, that would be my mother. That same duck lived in a dog crate, in her bedroom for the few weeks it took her to heal up. No garage for Ernie!

    She is a pretty fantastic duck though. She follows you around and lays down in front of you to be petted. And "barks" at whoever passes the yard, with the dogs.​

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