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    Feb 17, 2019
    Needed opinions and experiences.My German Shepherd female spends literally 80% of her time guarding the yard.Last year she slept outside but this year my mother is concerned about the coyotes jumping her.My question is, will this be an issue,will they come into the yard and fight her?She’s almost five and has been sleeping outside for atleast half of the night or all night sometimes since she was atleast 2.She barks all night long.Shes never been the one to start drama but if it comes to her, she handles her business.She has been I’m a few major fights with the pits up the street.I want to get her a companion but I’m scared as hell, as all the ones we had some situation happened.Our pit bull was given away, due to reason no death , mind you once he left a fox moved in, our Lab mix died of parvo, and our Great Pyrenees got hit by a car as a puppy, he was making out it be a great a dog,and when the German was a pup she had brother who too, was hit by a car, but he also chased cars.I want a puppy soo bad,escpecially for the sake of my German Shepherd as a companion will boost her confidence back up and I wouldn’t worry as much about predators as I would if she was alone.Any tips?
  2. Until you get your overall dog care situation under control, i.e. fences, vaccinations, training, please don't get another dog. You are not ready.
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    Feb 23, 2018
    I would be concerned about the coyotes. They could jump her at night.
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    Given your present situation, concerning coyote possible jumping your German Shepherd, is there a reason you can't put the dog in the house/garage for the night? What is she protecting out in the yard that is worth her barking all night? Could you not put up motion sensor lights to drive off trespassing coyotes? Is fencing an option?

    As to training: No names here, but I know "someone" who bought some beautiful dogs but refused to spend any time or effort in training them. So the dogs would wonder off the property and one of them got hit by a car, which was a valuable lesson to the other dog that survived. The owner also had dogs that would chase cars, people on bikes, and joggers. I never blamed the dogs, I always thought the owner was at fault. IMHO, people should be trained prior to owning a dog and then both dog and owner would be safer, and happier. There are programs where I live that help owners learn how to work with their dogs. They don't cost much money, but they do require the owner to dedicate time for the training classes over a number of weeks. I don't have the time, or desire, to take care of a dog properly, so I opt not to own any at present.
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    If you can't handle your German shepherd well enough to prevent her from fighting with other dogs then you are not ready to get another puppy, your German shepherd could kill a puppy very easily. I've had to see a dog put to sleep for killing a puppy. It was a very awful and traumatic experience. I hope it never happens again.

    Also if you cant secure your yard well enough to keep your dogs safe then I question you being a responsible owner.

    I do a lot of dog training, I've worked with German shepherds, pitbulls and many other breeds of dogs and I can tell you it is always the owners fault for not providing or understanding what the dog needs in training and in a secure home.

    As for your German shepherd sleeping outside, I'd let her sleep inside for her own safety and so the neighbors can get some sleep from her barking.
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  6. She definitely needs a safe place at night.
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    Feb 17, 2019
    Maybe I should have explained the situation better.German sheperhed is trainer.Shes a guard dog, she barks all night because that’s what she does and has been encouraged to do, and had gotten into an altercation with the other dogs because they came into the yard, without us knowing,I mentioned she’s never gone out the yard, we live in a rural area and have a huge property and most of the dogs in this area run loose and on occasion one might run from home, living in the country you just have to expect that.She won’t hurt a puppy.The puppies were being trained and doing fine and , then one passed from parvo.The Great Pyrenees was doing fine actually an didn't chase cars (ever) and started spending nights outside at about five months, then out of nowhere gets hit,probably chasing some animal and the only thing I can think of is he bounced up and got hit coming out the ditch .Dont deny it wasn’t our fought and feel bad, so yes fence is option.But,I understand she defiantly should be sleeping inside for now.
  8. I think you don't understand what we are saying to you. Responsible pet owners don't have all of those things just happen to their dogs...even those of us who live in the country. Everyone here has suggested you not get another dog and take better care of the dog you have. You asked for our advice and we gave it.

    I think you'll get another dog anyway. Parvo virus stays in the environment for about 10 years. Good luck!
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    Feb 17, 2019
    Can’t help we were given a puppy with parvo without knowing it until taking it home and it showing symptoms a couple days in even after we got it’s shots .I also can’t help someone else’s dogs came into our yard while ours were in their yard, minding their business whilst we work outside, unaware of the dogs being in our yard.I completely take credit for the dog being in the street, that was unresponsible,however were planning on building a fence to avoid this ever happening again.
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    I have two working dogs and one that's chained up because he can be mean and wanders off for hours. Anyways I lock my dogs in at night and only let them out during the day. Coyotes will try and lure a dog away and the pack will kill them. My Birds are in secure pens at night so I have no concerns about predators at that time . My dogs are out definitely during free range time.

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