Cracked egg prior to pip


7 Years
Apr 22, 2012
New to hatching.

One of the not yet hatched eggs got got a small crack in it from the other chicks that hatched bumping it. The membrane was torn just a tiny bit. The chick is 2 days behind the others- put in on the off chance we might be able to hatch it instead of waiting 3 weeks for others to hatch. There is a bit of yellow fluid that came out of the crack when I examined it. I very quickly candled the egg and the chick is still moving.

Do you think this chick will be ok? Anything I can/should do to help save it?

I moved the hatched chicks to the brooder as they are fully dry now.
Sorry to say but if yellow stuff oozed out of it, that sounds like yolk and thats not a good thing

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