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To my admittedly novice eye, that looks like a spalding, not a pure java. It could be just a result of the photography, but javas are supposed to have very distinct yellow face markings, and the bird in that pic has sort of washed-out yellow. Also, the scaling on the neck isn't very distinct. Then again, truly pure representatives of any of the green subspecies are rare in this country. What does Deerman have to say about this?

Maybe the yellow didn't show up well in the pic......but need Doug fron D&M farms knowledge here, not that sharp on pure Java , but looks pure to me....
It could be the picture not showing the yellow and blue on the face but the scales on the neck don't look right to me. I'am not saying they are not but before I pay that much money I would find out who he got the bird from. There is a breeder in N.C. that has some of Rodney Michael breeders when he sold out years ago if the bird came from him he would have dna papers on it. There is only a few breeder in the US that I would buy java from that I know they have good quality birds you will find some that will say they are Rodney birds to get a few more dollars. Here is a picture of my Rodney Michael birds that I know are Rodneys bloodline

i think i need to talk my dad into building a heated barn so i can get some java's like yours soooooooooooooooooo pretty

Speaking of a heated barn, the seller said that his birds have no heat. He lives near me and it gets down to 15 degrees once or twice in the winter, so I guess Javas are OK with that?

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