Craigslist-Katherine (murder- not graphic)

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    This morning on NBC Today Show where a young woman, Katherine answered an ad on Craigslist, had used this site for years and many positive results. Yet this one ad she answered to interview for a job, she never return home but they found her body a day later. She had been shot.
    It was a 19 yr old that lived at the address she went to.

    Like the family says, they have no negative feelings towards Craigslist, just make sure you be aware, not everyone is bad, yet bad things happen everyday to people like us.
    I certainly hate to bring this up, worst case scenario- and NOT ANY LISTS, but there are many deaths each year that happen when strangers meet. A young male model in Pensacola, FL(area) was found on the beach dead. The mother knowing he had done drugs, alcohol with a full wallet, that was found up the beach-and a cell phone filled with numbers of 3 particular men that were last to see him alive. That was not even the situation, but when the autopsy results came back, and he had not drowned. He had been killed. Because the police dept did not want to give negative publicity to the party area, it was passed off as a drowning due to intoxication.
    When we go out to these high profile places, cruise ships, bars, or even the park, this could happen to you and I. Make sure you leave a note saying where you are going, when you will be back and stick to it. Don't beware, you loose the fun in life, but be aware of where you are, going and have been.
    PS- There was a family in the same general area that lost 2 sons previously autopsied by the same departments as the model They are the ones that called the models family to make them aware of the possibilities or wrong doing, I mean no slander, so no names- it was this that the mother had 2nd autopsy done, forensic photos studied to find it was not an accidental death, but foul play.

    Could you be strong enough to call a family in distress and fill them in on the possibilities of murder, even where the legal system may have covered it...and by the way, the Models killer may be incarcerated on other charges at this point (threatened to kill his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn child).

    Teach your children and parents these things too. Its not that you want to know all their business, but you and your family deserve to know where to start looking if (God forbid) you fail to come home.
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    Aug 19, 2008
    umm....why are you sharing this? [​IMG]
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    Well, this is a great reason, for you to question and talk about it with your parents. Its not meant to scare anyone, but not all strangers are nice, most are, but even adults cannot tell the difference.
    When you get older, not just you (I don't know you first hand, I may know your roo tho!) but as we get teen years and even as an adult, we go about our business thinking that we are big enough to take care of ourselves and give me privacy! Yet innocent and exciting adds, putting our phone numbers or address' out there for everyone to see, use or make prank phone calls to.
    We always think 'no big deal' yet as many people use Craigslist daily there are those weirdo's out there that are not honest or good. So this is a tale of be aware, like if you have this gut feeling about someone offering you a ride, pay attention to it.
    Having another person go with us when entering areas where strangers are- the buddy system.
    Not only the craigslist, but going out in one case I mentioned going to a bar, we forget how vulnerable we are at any age, race, place or being a man or woman. Often times even the police do not want to be bothered with some things and that is so sad.
    Don't think that all police are like this, 99% are great men and women that are working for the good, and they even realize how dangerous people can be.
    MOST are not. Please do not take this as something to be afraid of and thank you for asking, that is how we can learn and have an educated opinion of why I wrote this. Take care, Kel
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    Apr 17, 2008
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    I saw that on TV. It is geting bad when you can't go to a job without worring that your "boss" is a murder.
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    Jun 11, 2008
    Spook, I think that this is a valuable thing that you share. Many people do not realize just how dangerous the "Web" can be, and on a daily basis I am shocked at all the information people put out there for complete strangers to gather and take advantage of with no thought to the repercussions, for example, a lady posted an ad under the "Lost and Found" section of the local Flagstaff Craigslist website, and in the ad she posted that she had lost her keys to her house, her car and the remote to her car. She listed her cell phone number and then her home phone number and her private email address as well as her full name. I was able to gather enough information from that ad to know that she drove a very new, very expensive late model car, her exact residential address in Phoenix, and the fact that she was a breeder of expensive show dogs. I am an ex-cop, and because I have older relatives who have been taken advantage of by bad folks, I wanted to prevent the same thing happening to her, so I sent her an email and let her know just how much information she was revealing. She finally removed some of the personal information, but its scary to think about what could have happened to her.
    Never give out your home phone number, enter it into Google and see your address come up.
    Never use an email like for listings like Craiglists
    Always try to meet in a neutral and public place with people around.
    If it feels wrong, it probably is, that nervous feeling is your gut telling you to be scared.
    Do not be ashamed to be cynical.
    I have made friends from CL, but I have also met a few people that made me glad I go about strapped.
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    yellowdragon, I agree with you, its an absolute shame, but- yes I gave a big but, its a world where we need to be aware of our surroundings, and how many jobs take you to a residence?

    FlockEweFarm thank you so much for this tale! That is the message I wanted to put out, don't give out to much information.

    Another thing that amazes me is the nerve of people now.
    When people need to use your bathroom...I would never ever ever think about looking into someones personal space, let alone comment on it, nor go through the medicine cabinet! Can you believe!
    Recently that happened to me, my mom was taking her afternoon nap beside the bathroom when she heard it clack closed.
    I told her she should have asked if they needed help finding something. We do not keep personal medications or anything of the sorts, but people do and people are known to steal medications to sell. That is pretty stupid and sick.

    Thank you for noticing this article, I was in hopes that more folk would understand or atleast go find the article about this woman "Katherine".
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    let me tell you spook, i had this cross my mind, mario and i went to pick up some chickens in maine, the road to turn on was dirt and long and longer, and i said to myself, oh wendy what have you done, taking mario on this trip wasnt too smart. i pass an old horse trailer, keep going,longest driveway, felt a bit afraid, funny how it stikes you. so now i wait for dh.
  8. spook

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    Oh yes, I agree! Even when I met our friend to drop my roo off, it may have sounded odd, but "wait for your DH to be home" is what I said. Sounds strange on my part when I was dropping off a bird, but you can never guess who or what type of folks you can meet and seeing enough missing persons/murders that happen frequently, play it safe. Everyone that is in chickens would rather meet the whole family, if they don't, then meet them at the local box store for a trade/buy/sell.
    Mario is such a cutie too... Better be safe then sorry, it is a way of the world now.
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    ohhh! OK I was just wondering. It just seemed really random LOL [​IMG] That's terrible how things like that happen..... [​IMG]
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    a few years ago,, someone did that through the newspaper,, ran an ad then killed a couple women who answered it,, some secretary job.

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