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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by crtrlovr, Jun 27, 2010.

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    I was just browsing the western KY craigslist farm & garden section. Of course I clicked on one titled "American gamefowl". The guy has 6 roos, 5 hens (or 5 roos, 6 hens -- don't remember but it was one of those), and 3 chicks he wants to sell as a group for $500 [​IMG] Is that even in the ballpark? [​IMG]
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    depends on the breed. I saw a kelso all white, dubbed, BEAUTIFUL go for $60 at an auction. That's an auction price which would be lower than a breeder price. The rooster will be more $$$$ depending on some things i do not agree on.

    What kind were they? Asil's, OEGB's, Jungle fowl............etc etc
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    didn't say, wasn't specific, just said American gamefowl.
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    Not my ball park!
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    maybe they where endangered game fowl? [​IMG] I would NOT pay that kind of money for a couple of birds.
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    It depends on what 'lines' they are from, I've heard of some gamefowl roosters in this area selling for thousands.
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    Depends, 500 bucks for 14 birds = about thirty five dollars a bird. Not bad for a good quality line, it all depends on the person buying them really.. Look at the Brahma eggs on here, didn't a dozen of eggs or chicks go for about 800ish one time? Or maybe it was only a trio or so, I don't remember. Sussex from greenfire started out selling 3,000 for a young trio.

    You can find better games cheaper, especially if you check around and make friends.

    ETA: Plus you have to factor in the care, just because they are expensive doesn't mean they were good fighters since so many people think that. It will probably offend some people, or a lot of people. But I will say this- Gamefowl owners take better care of their birds than anyone else. They have the best breeding programs, all of the breeding programs used such as line breeding and inbreeding etc for better traits came from gamefowl owners. Some of the best feed charts, some of the best information on handling birds to keep them calm, how to keep them cold in hot weather and vice versa, how to keep them safe from predators etc.. They all originated from Gamefowl owners no doubt, since for one the games were the first domesticated chickens and fathered many of the breeds you own.

    Not meaning to sound self righteous or anything, just trying to say. Gamefowl owners put A LOT of care into their birds trying to make them safe and secure, so that raises up the price too on how much they cost.

    ETA: (one more time), I'm not meaning to say people who raise other breeds don't take good care of their birds either. But I'm saying that from what I've seen you can't beat a gamefowl breeders routine for care.. Some of the people on here have even mentioned buying old gamefowl books for this reason to learn some things.

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    Quote:Good point.

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