craigslist quail


c. giganticus
9 Years
Sep 10, 2010
just found this posted yesterday.

I have 47 laying bobwhite quail for sale 26 females and 21 males $3.00 ea
Pheasant transport crates plastic 10"x24"x35" top load 3 @ 30.00 ea
GQF quail breeding pens with auto cup waters 11 @ 25.00 ea
5 stack brooder system all works $300.00
quail transport crates 6"x18"x24" 11 @ 15.00 ea
just called him, will go take a look tomorrow, really want to eyeball the breeder pens (darn Mille) and the brooder system.
if it is in good shape, may put it away for when we retire...
wouldn't mind picking his brain too, he has been doing it for 25 years.
Great deals! Can not build the breeders for that price.
Wow MAT, Great score! That should be enough equipment to take the a habit from "occasional user" to full blown "QUAIL JUNKIE"!! Would love to find the same deal... Bill

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