Craigslist rant (from a new perspective)

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    May 27, 2010
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    I have been seeing so many rants lately about craigslist that i was just hoping to offer a new point of view to the people who are sick of being flaked on/ not treated professionally/ or low balled.

    Craigslist is a free website with listings anywhere from cars, to JUNK, to personal ads, to illegal practices and services.

    If i see a posting on craigslist i do not view this person as a professional and will not view the transaction as a "business transaction". Just as with any business, me telling you i may buy your product is not a contract that i will or will not buy it. Just as in any shop i go into, unless i am signing a form saying i will be back to pay fully for a product on hold I am ABSOLUTELY NOT expected to actually purchase said product.
    if i see your posting on craigslist, i am not going to assume you are a business person. to me a business person who sells things for a living will pay to have their own website, shop, etc. To me i see you as a guy who is
    a) selling something for the first time because they want it out of their yard
    b) selling stuff to make some cash on the side using a free forum.

    while i absolutely find a ton of the complaints legitimate, I also say this
    its on you! you dont have to hold your item for anyone. youre the one who chooses to and if they dont come through it is because you decided not to let said person know that if a buyer comes along it is theirs.
    I do believe that there are people out there who want to make sure they arent taking advantage of others, and then there are poeple who just dont try- but dont care.

    All types of people cruise CL all day long. All types of people post to CL all day long.

    I guess i am just tired of hearing the term "professional business transaction" in the same sentence as "craigslist." they are just so far from the same thing.

    i very honestly dont mean for this ad to be insulting or to insinuate that if you post on CL you arent a professional, just trying to say that poeple arent always going to see you as one and it shouldnt be automatically expected. one of the reasons i enjoy cl is because its a more relaxed way for me to find a bargain.
    Keep in mind, as many shleps that sellers have to deal with, buyers have to deal with just as many.
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    I really don't think insulting people for posting ads on the biggest ad site in the world will win you many friends. There is lots of professional business on Craigslist. I personally have a website that gets thousands of hits a week from all over the world but Craigslist ads make the bulk of the profits my website makes.
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    Sep 5, 2010
    Fully agree.

    You don't ask for a receipt at a garage sale, or ask a prostitute if you can snuggle afterwards, either.

    Let the POTENTIAL buyer beware.
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    Jun 7, 2011
    Ditto, CowBoy.
  5. aubreynoramarie

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    May 27, 2010
    Reno, Nevada
    I dont see how its insulting. I post ads on craigslist. I just dont expact that every person who e-mails me is going to be a well versed business person and i have absolutely no right to. Not to say that professional business people dont post on there, im just not going to assume that thats who i am dealing with since the huge bulk is just people who are looking to get some stuff out of their houses. if that offends you then..well sheesh it sounds like youre just lookin to get offended.
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    Quote:Speak fer yerself!! [​IMG] LOL!
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    I don't read the post as an insult, simply keep in mind that it was a free posting and you get what you get. Don't expect a bargain cadillac not to need a mechanic. You may get a great deal, or not. If someone calls you and says "I'll be by in an hour with the money" and someone is standing in front of you with cash, take it now or wait, but don't get peeved if they don't show up with the money.

    Robert H

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