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    have 6 hens and theyre too big for their coop so they end up sleeping on top, in the rain, like idiots... so im re-homing 3 of them. i have 3 females. 1 buff lace polish and one "blue" lace polish that threw silver/white instead of the "blue" coloring and 1 Silver Spangled Hamburg - if you google it, you can see what they look like. theyre free to a good home. they were born late july, so should be getting ready for eggs pretty soon. please bring a crate or something with you. im available on the weekends."

    Yes, how DARE those idiot chickens actually GROW! God forbid! Are these people serious? Sounds like they are the idiots for expecting to cram 6 hens into a coop meant for 3. HELLO! Lord have mercy.
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    My Coop coop is big enough for my chickens but in summer three of them wanted to sleep on top of it too (it is an A-Frame and I guess the peak looked like the perfect place to roost). I think they preferred that because it was cooler on those hot summer nights. Since this ad was in Sacramento, perhaps that is her issue as well?
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  3. gryeyes

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    Not THIS time of year.

    Silver Spangled Hamburg, hmmmm? No, no, never mind. Really.
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    craigslist is a one way ticket to idiotville sometimes...
    But sometimes it's a nice place to go to feel better about yourself

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