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Mar 23, 2008
Oakland, CA
So I've been needing to get my breeding pens set up for awhile now... I plan on doing some test hatches (and possible test shipments!) before the weather gets too cold, but I haven't gotten around to building the enclosures for my birds. I've been scouring CL in search of free things that I can recycle into a coop, and guess what I found.

A brand new 5' high X 5' long X 3' wide playhouse frame! I guess it's something that comes all in a box, you take out, screw the parts together and then put a cover over it that looks like a playhouse, basically like a tent with a wood frame. Well the frame arrived at the folks house broken, one the wood parts had cracked and broke in half. I guess they didn't want to take the time to repair it so they listed it on CL for, get this... originally it was $65 with shipping and handling, I got it for $12.
Plus a 45 minute drive round trip to get it, but hey, it was basically free! All I'll have to do is add some siding panels and voila! Instant breeder coop! I've got tons of plywood and old redwood fence boards that I've collected so now all I've got to do is put it all together.

That was the first find. The next great find was... wait for it...

A Little Tykes playhouse, for only $30! It's similar in design to this one.

The greatest thing is that it has only been used indoors, and for the past year it's been dismantled sitting in a garage. All I'll have to do is slide the panels back together, add some screws, hardware cloth, frame the doors and windows (you get the idea
) and then I'll have breeder pen #2!
I've always thought the Little Tykes coops were adorable and it's such a great way to reuse something that otherwise would probably be thrown out. I can't wait to have my own LT coop!

So now I just have to get my lazy bum out into the yard and get to work, no more excuses. I've got all the necessary materials now I've just got to take action and DO IT!

For those of you that inquired about hatching eggs at the Northern CA chicken meet, be sure to stay tuned. I'll probably be able to get eggs to you guys first, without having to ship. Give me about a month, to ensure that the pullets and hens are only fertilized by the right roos then I'll be able to start taking orders.

I'm so excited!
Yeah, I think so too! I can't wait to start building. The idea is to get them all done and get the birds settled into their new homes before the rain starts. I've probably got about a month and half before the weather takes a turn for the worse.
Hi Jeremy,

Great finds ... Nice to have met and chatted w/ you yesterday ... keep us all posted on your hatchings, and, if and where you might be selling eggs ... I know friends in the Bay Area who could be future customers
Don't be jealous Geebsie!
Just get on CL and find some of your own, there are always TONS of the LT playhouses, some of them are just listed for outrageous prices. Like $100+, no way would I pay that much.

Who knows, maybe you could ship me some eggies and I'll raise some of your babies in them!
It was so nice meeting you too, you'll have to keep in touch so I can get the names of those folks who are interested! I want to supply the whole Bay Area with little peepers.
Oh Jeremy I was able to get the temp on the incubator up and maintained woooooo hoooooo and my mom won on ebay auction some gabbard farms BLRW oh lord help us now....

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