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Seramatching Equestrian
10 Years
Aug 18, 2009
I am trying to look up on craigslist to maybe find a coop/shed/anything to make a coop.
I am not sure on what to search though. I have tried coop, shed, storage...I need some ideas. So, what do you look for on craigslist to find future coops?
I also get some different hits when I do

dog house
play house
duck house (sometimes this will pop something up)

For materials you could search for fencing, I've come up with a lot of cedar that way. If your free section is enormous like ours is in seattle, search it specifically for fencing, fence, deck, decking. Lots of people tear down their decks and there's some good lumber in quite a few of them. Same with fences.
My coop is a shed that we got off of craigslist. It actually was posted as a garage and shed FREE. You remove. So....we did.

Here's pics. They're from a few months ago. And it's still underconstruction. And I just added 2 more nesting boxes yesterday.


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