Craigslist spammers are driving me insane!


13 Years
Feb 7, 2010
South East Kansas
It doesn't matter if its in the motorcycle section or the musical instrument section they always send me tons and tons of emails all saying there urgent and to watch a video, which i would have to download a toolbar for, and that isn't going to happen because i know the minute i download one i will have viruses coming out of my usb ports!

Anyone else having this problem?

Even had a listing in Farm and Garden. Got a similar spam reply- "interested in buying" which led to same video. Didn't download anything either.
I always get the email that says "I'm interested in your ad, but It might be the same as the one I just bought. Watch this video and let me know if its the same!"
I normally fire off a reply about how I don't need to watch the video because mine is one of a kind and has the dna to prove it! lol They never reply back
I just wish there was a way to just not receive it in the first place, I mean when your looking through emails to see if anyone is interested in purchasing your item it is annoying to see all the junk ones and aggravating to have to delete all of it.
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So did I! Last year, and 2 companies called wanting to sell it for me!

As far as the email? I just delete them, never click on any links in them. Though some are good for a giggle......

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