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I use craigslist some, to sell and buy things around here.

I have had some bad experiences that are either funny or sad, maddening or memorable.

I thought it would be kind of fun to have a place to share our Craigslist stories.

Please try not to just complain about craigslist, There are just some cheap, rude people out there. I have gotten some great deals on Craigslist too,

If you have a craigslist story you want to share, please do.

I admit part of the problem could be me, I have been known to be cantankerous upon occasion.


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Jul 11, 2014
Orrock township, Minnesota
This is my first story:

I put an ad on Craigslist to get rid of some roosters, I asked 10 bucks apiece. Unless I know the person and just give them the rooster, I will eat them instead of selling them for 9 bucks. See I am cantankerous.

A person called and wanted the roosters and was very happy to get them on the phone. They were some of my "toads" which is what I call a CX/ Dixie rainbow crosses. They are huge birds. Really big legs.

They end up either white with a tad of orange or barred with orange bleed through,

Above is a Toad. It is Bert Jr.

He is my future Chick Daddy. He is not for sale.

This picture show you just how big they are.

I had 3 toads, an EE CLB cross and a CLB. The CLB being the smallest.

They were told 10 dollars each.

They came out and got them, They were very pleased with the toads. They were not so pleased with the other two.

Once I gave them the birds, the woman walks into my coop. I do not like people walking into my coop. I told her nicely there are no more, that's it.

She says I want a red one. Why they need a red one to eat is beyond me. She says There is a red one!

She was pointing at my very high quality Partridge Chanticler. I told her that one was not for sale. She argued with me about whether she could buy it. Finally she understood I was not selling him.

Then the man asks if I have any other chickens, any all white ones. I have some 7-8 month old CX hens, my Toad Mommies. I said yes I have white ones but they are not for sale. He wanted to see them. I said fine and lead them to the breeding pen I keep them in.I opened the nest box on the side of the coop and showed them the birds. I picked an egg out of the nest. They were impressed and wanted to buy one. The rooster or a hen. I had to go through the whole works again. They are not for sale, they are breeding stock.

Then they asked if I had any birds they had not seen. I pointed to another coop/breeding pen with my trio of Speckled Sussex. They liked them but did not try to buy them.

I then pointed to my coop with Cream legbars in it. It is a huge covered run and 2 coops. These are my show breeding stock. They were impressed with them. Then they saw I had 2 roosters in there, they wanted to buy one.

Again I had to explain he was not for sale. It was getting a little old at this point.

I still had the toad egg in my hand. The woman then said, "do you sell eggs?"

I said "yes, 3 dollars a dozen I have about 5-6 dozen now for sale".

They could see all y chickens running around free, so they should know I free range, When I advertised the rooster I put in the ad I use no drugs or medicated feed. You would have thought I poked them with a hot stick. They went completely bat poop crazy over 3 bucks for a dozen eggs!

We were not going to make any more deals. The guy hands me 3-20s ($60) for the 5 roosters ($50). He asked me if I had change, I said no.

He said you go house and get change. I told him I doubt I have any change in the house. I never keep cash around and if I do it ends in my DW's purse. She was not home.

I told him I do not think I have any, you will have to run to town and get change. He said NO you check in the house...

So I went in and dug up 5 bucks, I had no idea where my wife had the money at. ( I use bank card for everything). So I grabbed 2 dozen eggs and brought them out for the extra 5 dollars I owed him..

He did not want the eggs $2.50 a dozen was too much. I then said well, lets unload the roosters you go to town and get change and come back if you want the roosters.

He finally decided the eggs would work for change..

I promptly marked his phone number as a DO NOT ANSWER. That way I know not to answer if he calls again...


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Ugh that story sounds downright frustrating. I've had the "is this one for sale" type come by before and it's pretty rude I think, especially if I've mentioned it's my pet or a breeding bird.

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