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Apr 9, 2009
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I was looking on craigslist and found this ad:

not sure what to think... Is that wry neck on the first one? can it be helped? I've never seen that before and was a bit shocked that he would be on there looking for a home, free or not. I'm not in any way trying to be mean, I am just asking a question since I don't have experience with that type of deformity.

ETA: Is this not the right place to post this?? Any ideas?
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From my exp with cross-beaks is that it gets worse with time. The one with the neck problem might turn out to be very good at catching flies.
I'm sorry, but I dont agree with them having to be culled.
My son's class had a little barred rock with a neck like that, with a little bit of massaging and vitamin water, within a couple days, it was fine and you couldn't even tell which one it was. The one with the cross beak will be fine too, they learn to adapt and live happy lives, from the picture it doesn't look that bad. I had a goose with a severely crossed beak, she was 6 when she passed due to a predator attack, not due to anything that had to do with her beak.
I wanted to edit to add, in order for them to go back to normal, it takes time and doesn't just happen. if I were closer, I would take them.

I also have a duck that had a neck like that, but hers was back and twisted when I got her from TSC,

here she is now, she is the one having a great little time splashing in her pool!

Here is Snuffy the goose:
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