crawling BO pullets


10 Years
Aug 7, 2009
We got 3 new BO hens last night that are 3 years old. They are now living with our 10 BO 3 month old chicks/pullets (whichever). This morning I go out to check on them and make sure they aren't picking on each other. One of my original youngsters was kind of "flopping" on the ground like she couldn't stand up. Then she would get herself balanced up right and walk/crawl in a very squatted position, like she couldn't get stood up. I picked her up, looked her all over and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. When I put her back down she would stand normally until she started to move then she would crouch down and walk on. I decided to dust her with some Sevin because she was doing a lot of scratching. She seemed very thin and small compared to my others at the time. I went inside to decide what needed to be done and when I returned... I couldn't figure out which one she was! They were all walking up right and none looked any smaller than the others. So I figured it was just something that passed.
Fast forward a couple of hours... Went out again to check on my kiddos. There sat a different chicken in the same position of "crawling" moved around the whole yard like that. The only thing I could think of is when I came outside she was getting out of their dirt bath area where she had obviously fallen asleep. Maybe she just got stuck in that position? I have no idea. I can't imagine my new birds would have anything to do with it. I put some Sevin in their dirt bath, don't know if that will help anything or not?

They are eating a mix between starter and scratch.
They get fresh water daily.
Not on any meds.
poop seems normal however I did see a rather large puddle of "water" type poo, but who knows who that came from.
Don't know what other info to provide.

Have any ideas help a girl out!

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