craziest thing a broody has ever done (share )


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
well during the tornado that destroyed my 12 x 12 shed and most my pigeons
My favorite chicken a mottled cochin named Rachel was extremely broody and siting in her converted cat litter box nest on eggs
well when i went to collect my living birds i saw the box i was afraid to look ... but their she was puffed up and trying to peck me to death along with super dooper stink eye !!!!

the eggs were unharmed

one of the members said she deserves a broody award
!! i agree

wow that's one dedicated broody! you know i think there should be an annual broody award here on BYC
my serama girl is super broody. i was giving the chickens bread and i offered some to her (she was out of her nest at the time) and she growled at the bread! i offered her water. she growled at the water. i showed her a chick. she growled at the chick, then realized what it was and bustled over to tuck the chick under her despite the two week old feedstore chick's protests
hahahahaha rachel is a piggy though she growls and takes the food then gives you the eye
when you have nothing more to give her !! your serama sounds like a good mamma !
LOL great story!!!!
Ok... um,that would be my little bantam phoenix sitting (or trying to sit on)
4 LF ameraucana eggs
13 bantam phoenix eggs
3 standard phoenix eggs
2 silkie eggs

She looked like a silver duckwing pancake!!
Oh my !!!! that is crazy ! poor girl is gonna get arthritis LOL
i have never heard of a broody on so many eggs PANCAKE CHICKEN
haha i once came home after being gone two weeks to find a very dedicated bantam cornish sitting on a mountain of over twenty mix breed eggs! thank goodness only eight were actually fertile or we'd be overrun with chickens now! i kept four of the seven chicks that hatched, three silkie mix hens (ebony, snowdancer, and whisper) and one gorgeous cochin X roo (chive)
WoW !!! my aunt has a mottled houden and a sebright hen that i gave her that fight over eggs , my aunts hands are permanetly bruised from trying to take their eggs
I found my Kraeinkoppe, a smallish large fowl chicken, sitting on about 25 eggs once -- well, about half were under her. Not a good outcome.

My favorite broody story (I posted recently somewhere on here): I had some four week olds I was raising in the broody pen without a mama, because the broody I bought them for wouldn't take them. When they were maybe a week old, another hen went broody, choosing a spot right next to their chicken wire pen to set. After a couple of weeks she got off the nest and started pacing and mama-clucking up and down the sides of the pen. I crossed my fingers and let her in. She is STILL trying to mother them, at 7 weeks -- it is a hoot seeing her trying to cover them with her wings on the roost.

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