Crazy Broody Hen


7 Years
Mar 6, 2012
East Central Ohio
I went out to the coop this morning to check on my broody & give everyone some yogurt. My broody just happened to be out dust bathing & having breakfast. I sat the bowl of yogurt next to her cuz I wanted to make sure she had a chance at it before she went back in to her eggs. Here's where it gets funny...

My tiny little broody wouldn't let anyone else near "her bowl of yogurt" until she had finished her dust bath & had her fill of yogurt. Everytime any of the other birds even tried to dip their beaks in the bowl she grabbed at them & chased them off (as tiny as she is she's at the top of the pecking order). Every so often 1 would get brave or realize there was a treat there & would reach for it. CHOMP! SQUAWWWWK!!! Running chicken...LOL She made them wait a good 5 minutes while she took her dust bath & then another couple minutes while she took what she wanted before sauntering back into the coop to sit on her 4 precious eggs (I snagged the 5th, unmarked egg laid by my other hen who is already laying while she was eating).

She's so funny sometimes!!!!
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