Crazy Cackling driving me nuts!!


11 Years
Aug 31, 2008

For the last 4 days my hens (3 silkies, 2 bantams) have been making all kinds of noise between 5 and 6AM. I have had them for well over a year in the same coop. Thank goodness of the time change or it would be 4AM!! I live in city and neighbors are grumbling ( I don't blame them-its irking me too) The first time I went down to check if there was something after them but saw nothing. They just seem to want to get up and eat. There is a street light that is kind of bright on them but it has been there since day one. They have always been quiet except if a predator is lurking. Why are they doing this all of a sudden and what can I do to stop it or I will be forced out of the chicken business! Thanks


11 Years
Jul 30, 2008
Try mini blinds on the windows:lol: it might me the light. Or if it is a coon or something walking by they then wouldn't be able to see it.

I suspect something is spooking them. I have never had hens cackle in the dark for no reason. Roosters, different story, they will crow when ever the mood stricks them.

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