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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by chickenpal147, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Apr 8, 2013
    I have a hen who out of no where just started bullying one of my roosters. Today she was in the coop and then he went in and the hen didn't like it so she chased him out making an angry like sound, she wouldn't stop chasing him until I chased her away. Then when I gave my flock some treats the rooster was eating the treats first then the hen decided she wanted some and chased the rooster off making her angry noise. We have had the rooster for a few months now and up until afew days ago she was fine with him. He is the only chicken in the flock that she bullies, other than him she is fine with the other rooster and other hens. I can't get rid of the hen because she is my only hen that is old enough to lay eggs at the moment. I can't get rid of the rooster because he does an amazing job protecting and warning the flock from predators (something my other rooster is to scared and to small to do) what should I do?
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    try separating her from him, or I've heard if you bath them together it causes them to bond its worth a try also he may breed her to much and she's just protecting herself. best of luck!
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    Let them work it out. As long as she doesn't draw blood, leave them alone. So he gets chased around, he'll live. Be sure you have plenty of space (around 10 square feet per bird) and maybe put up something for him to hide behind--a bale of straw, just some plywood leaned against the fence, a large trough, whatever you have--and maybe an extra feeder or waterer if she's keeping him from eating or drinking.

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