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Apr 9, 2018
north central Wv

Yep so spent time and money building a perfectly wonderful roost with 2x4 and a poo board under it with sand for easy cleaning. And really nice ramps with a landing in between Where do they roost humm tell me where??? They stuffed themselves onto a shelf I had for keeping tools and things on. So I ran to restore and found 2 bunk bed ladders that fit perfectly from floor to shelf and shelf to roost. Yep the roost on the bunk bed ladders. They hate the ramps. One or 2 nights a month one may climb on up to the roost but for the most part the like the shelf and the bunk bed ladders. Aaaargggggghhhh so much for ease of cleaning!


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Jul 31, 2018
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I take it that’s the roost bar on the left of the picture above the shelf?
The two bars on the right of the picture, I take it this is part of a ladder climbing system?
My first suggestion would be to lower the shelf and the roost bar. While they may use the ladder system to climb up to the roost they will probably try to fly down to the ground rather than use the ladder system. This can be bad for their feet. I’ve found the best roost height is about about one foot above whatever acts as the floor; in this case your shelf.
You might have better luck if the ramps are solid with low profile grip steps on it about the width you currently have for the ladder.
I would also think about incre4asing the diameter of the roost bars. The bar in the picture looks a bit thin.


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Remove that ladder.
...and maybe lower roost/boards,
depending on how high it is, how high the nests are, and how big coop is.
My roost board is about 34" off floor, most have no problem jumping down tho some use a ramp flat board with cleats which is not conducive to roosting on.

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