Crazy for Chickens and Ducks!


Aug 7, 2016
Hello Everyone,
My name is Sabrina. I have owned chickens and ducks for the past 4 years. I absolutely love them. I have always wanted to own small farm animals but never had the guts to just go and buy them. But one day in July four years ago. I made a decision to just follow my dream of having chickens. My kids thought I was crazy when I came home with a little cardboard box and 8 pullets. I was told that only 50% would survive by the feed employee. So I made sure to double up. Well he was wrong and I had 100% survival. Since then I have come across a few health issues with some of my birds and lost a few. I have also rescued several others and have incorporated ducks into my flock as well. I currently have 9 chickens and 8 ducks. They are so beautiful, and so fun to watch and care for. They are a part of my family. My oldest son will sometimes accuse the chickens and ducks of getting more attention. Since most of my children are adults. He might be right! I have self-educated myself on chicken and duck care. Always doing research, asking others for information and reading online. I've visited Backyard Chickens in the past but never signed up. But here I am now. I am glad to be here.
Hi Sabrina,

It sounds like you've done a great job caring for your chickens and ducks!

Thanks for joining us!
Hi Sabrina and welcome to our community - glad that you have joined us. I hope that you enjoy being a member as much as the rest of us.

Best wishes

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