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    Ok, this is a new one that I need assistance w/. My dog was out in the yard minding her own business chewing a bone as my goose stood there staring at her, then several times like threw her neck on the dogs back???? I don't know if there is any other way of describing this, but the goose quickly rubbed her under neck on the dogs back. Is this a dominance thing? A mating thing? Hummm, my dh and I just sat staring in addition, interesting... thx for any input... jennifer

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    That is aggression. Mostly my geese will run at something and thrust their head toward it like a projectile. Once my gander got behind me and my sixteen month old grandson and ran at him. He launched his head and neck at the baby but did not bite him (THANK GOD).

    My geese boss the chickens and ducks around like that too. All they have to do is stick their neck out at them to make themselves clear.

    Geese do not like dogs, as a rule, not even dogs who don't bother them. They are natural prey of dogs. My dog ignored my goslings but they grew up hating him anyway. My dog gets very defensive, and during breeding season, when Petey was at his most aggressive, I had to keep them separate. Petey would bite the dog and the dog would try to defend himself. Petey had a few healthy sized bite marks on his bill for a while, which did not deter him at all.

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