Crazy idea or wonderful idea??


11 Years
Apr 24, 2008
Detroit Michigan
Ok so I'm in the planning stages of building a duck pond.

I was thinking about building the in ground pond OUTSIDE of the 12 ft by16 ft run. Because this way I could, in theory, keep the pond cleaner, and keep plants around the pond, Since they would only get to play in it when I am with them to supervise.

But last night I while laying in bed trying to fall a sleep I thought, why not build a pond in the pen and on outside...and connect them with a bubbling lazy river that flows threw the fence? (I would have to raise the pond that is inside the run though, but I could do that with some dirt and such)

I don't know how or if this would even work. The fence in a chain link fence.


This is my current run (although the stone are now laying nicely I just have to take a new picture. )
I'm thinking of placing the pond kind of near the door but the lazy river would flow thru the current flower bed, I might have to move some plants around.

What are your ideas and thought? do you think I'm crazy and that it will not work? Cus I am kind of thinking that right now hahaha
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I'm not sure how you would do it without cutting a hole in the chain link fence for the river apparatus to pass through. If you did that you would need to add some support rods through the chain link to keep it from curling up on you. Do you plan to have water in actual contact with the fence? I assume you would have a pump in the lower (outside) pool to circulate the water back to the higher (inside) pool? You would need to make sure that the overflow cannot get blocked or the higher pool will overflow and the lower pool will go dry. Running a water pump dry will ruin it.

It sounds possible and would look really cool. Send us a pic if you decide to do it.
I still have to even figure out how to do it

I might just go for something simpler rather then try to make things 100 times harder for my self...but we shall see.
I don't have ducks, so feel free to ignore me. The only issue I really see with that idea (neat idea, btw) is that they will make a mess of the part inside the fence. That mess will then flow with gravity and moving water into the bottom part. The bottom part would have the pump to push the water back to the top part to be recirculated. I'd worry that you'd have to have several filters in place and have to clean them a LOT to keep them clean and running. Just a thought to consider.

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