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8 Years
Jul 27, 2011
I know nothing about ducks...I have some chickens but thought about getting a couple ducks...ok here is the dumb question: Do they have to have some sort of standing water to hang around in or can they go completely without water except for drinking of course?
Duck do not need water for swimming however they do like it. So if you would like ducks you can just give drinking water and they will be fine.
Water for drinking MUST be deep enough to completely submerge their head, thats necessary for their health as thats how they clean their nasal passages after eating. They must also be able to dunk during eating to assist in swallowing feed.

Because of this, their water has to be changed often... a clean bucket of fresh water with 2 ducks last about...12-15 seconds. Mine get fresh 2-3 times per day. As soon as they see clean water they go to dunking....even after a swim.
Smaller breeds seem to do okay without water for mating, from what I understand. And it also seems to me there are always ducks who don't read the books, and like things they're not supposed to, and vice versa.

I use concrete mixing pans and a kiddle pool for my runners - about 8" deep. If there's an extended freeze, I make sure they can at least have a deep pot full of water to wash their precious heads.
Ducks like to swim, but do not have to have swimming water. Most breeds are fully capable of breeding without water. Understand that ducks make a mess of their drinking water - one reason they may not fit in well with your chickens; also, sometimes a drake will start breeding the chickens - this presents a potential for injury and possible death.
If you want your ducks to be happy they must have swimming water. The more water the happier the ducks. Ducks that cannot swim are sad ducks. I know, I have been raising ducks for 14 years. How would you like to live in a small room (think closet) with no TV or computer? All pets need entertainment to be happy.
They do not HAVE to have swimming water, but if you are going to get ducks, it is my firm belief that you should provide what will be best for them. And I really don't think it is fair not to have some sort of swimming or bathing water for them. At the very least a small kiddie pool or basin of water large enough for them to get in and out of easily that they can splash around in. It is important that they keep their feathers clean to maintain their waterproofing. And I also think that a separate smaller container that they cannot get into is also necessary to insure they have clean face washing drinking water all the time.
They are messy, yes, but if you make the decision to get ducks, I think it is imperative that you provide for them properly.
I think this is also true with any animal that you decide to take on. I realize I go over the top sometimes, but there are things that every creature needs as basics, and in my opinion, for ducks, those things are water for bathing and drinking, the proper food, good shelter and PEAS
Hope this helps!!!!

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