crazy shaped egg possible air sack placement way off like center egg


7 Years
May 8, 2012
Hi this is my second hatch and my hens have been quite incubator has 18 live eggs all at various stages. so on the 11th I was collecting my eggs and as always I Candel before putting in fridge. Well miss.Ruby (R.I.R) had a fertile egg. So I gently wiped egg and placed in incubator. please note her eggs have always been almost perfectly round and larger than most golf balls. That being said tonight 7 and I am perplexed. She has obvious veining center embryo ect... Yet the center of the.egg has morfed a littlee and it almost the center is my air sac. Has anyone ever encountered this? At first I thought total dud and she is known for double yolks so just set aside but than he saw same as me air in the center then obvious veining and ebryo. So any thoughts. It should be due to hatch June.1st! Other than strange placements and supper large egg everything is spot on.:/

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