Crazy tiny dosing of "Eprinex pour on" help

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  1. secuono

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    May 29, 2010
    I've been reading the link below and it's just maddening how small of an amount you want me to apply on the bird. How on earth do you measure this??
    I have a 3ml syringe, do I just get as close as I can and hope I didn't overdose?
    I have teeny tiny hens to large bantams....I need help...

    Also, how long will a bottle of this last me? It's expensive and a lot of it, not worth it if I can only open it and keep it a month!!
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  2. RedRoosterFarm

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    Mar 25, 2010
    Eatonville, Washington
    for my bantams I use a syringe and on the back between the shoulders I seperate the feathers and with the syringe drop 2 or 3 drops from the syringe. Make sure it hits the skin because the feathers will suck up the meds if it hits them. The bottle will last forever!
  3. Chickenaddict

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    May 19, 2008
    East Bethel MN
    Actually it doesn't last forever at all. It has an exp date on it and usually doesn't last much longer then 1 year.
  4. dawg53

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    Nov 27, 2008
    Jacksonville, Florida
    Quote:If you are talking about Eprinex, your 3ml syringe will work just fine. ML is the same as CC.... measuring is easy. The smallest bottle of eprinex is 250ml/cc. Draw 1/2cc for standard size and 1/4cc for your smaller chicekns and put the drops on bare skin on the back of their necks. I bought my 250ml bottle of Eprinex this past September, the expiration date is March 2013. As RedRoosterFarm will last you a long time unless you have 500 birds.

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