CRD or something else at play?


Sep 11, 2017
**not an emergency**
On September 18th, one of my three-year-old hens unexpectedly passed away. She had absolutely no symptoms, just woke up to let them out, and found her dead. I ruled her death out to be asphyxiation. She was discolored (purple/blue) and had fluid seeping from her mouth. I've had one of my birds pass like this awhile back, and while he did have some issue, I figured she'd either choked or some other problem that came on to quick for me to see prior to that morning, so I made a nice grave and buried her, thinking the others birds were OK, I'd removed her quickly and cleaned the coop after. I don't recall exactly when (between 5-6 days) but I noticed to of my hens were fairly lethargic, I watched for a day and then decided to deworm, but it didn't have an effect on them. I quickly noticed that one of the hens had started gasping when she ate and had some open-mouthed breathing, which had spread to about 7 of my birds by now. And now, 23 days after the original death, I let everyone out and noticed my 3-year-old girl Gaemi, had quite the purple comb. She was wobbly, and just didn't look good, so I brought her inside, and within a few hours she passed away. She was breathing heavy, gasping, and in the last hour of her life, I noticed she couldn't really stand. She would wake up every 3-5 minutes, look around, and then stumble face-first into the back of her cage. Her pupils where supper erratic, when she woke up they were huge but would shift, and then she'd bury her face and fall back asleep. It was hard to watch, but my point here is.. Could the two deaths be connected? If so, could they also be connected to the sick hens? (keep in mind, the first death was extremely sudden, she had no symptoms and I woke to find her dead, the second also had no symptoms, but woke up to her like that and she died within hours.) All the hens droppings seem to be fairly watery, green, and grainy. I got tips saying the lethargic birds would have crd, so I started the process of getting it. (I've been giving them; Minerals, vitamins, I've dewormed them, electrolytes, roosterbooster.) Could this all be connected? could it be poisoning? ( the hens have been like this for a little over 2 weeks, they have declined but they haven't made improvements.)


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Apr 3, 2011
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Sorry for your loss. What state are you located in? If you lose another chicken, I would keep the body cold, but not frozen, and take or send it in to your state poultry vet for a necropsy. Look at your food to see if it is getting moldy, look for poisonous plants, any automotive spills from vehicles or farm equipment, or other possible toxin. Most chickens who die will get a dark comb and liquids from the crop may come out of the beak.

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