Cream Legbar x Rhode Island Red ---- why am I getting regular brown eggs?


8 Years
Mar 16, 2011
Canton, Georgia
I have a young Cream Legbar roo who has been crowing for a couple of months, and breeding the hens. One of the hens that I've seen him breed is a Rhode Island Red who has lovely brown eggs --- that's the puzzle. It would seem that I'd get olive eggs. I also am getting regular light brown large eggs from one/both of my Australorops. I've seen him breed one of them, but am not sure which. Actually, I've seen no indication that he's 'contributing' to my hens' egg colors! He keeps company with 5 hens laying and three pullets that aren't laying yet. Actually, he's aggressive towards one of the Astralorps, but that is probably an aside. What's the deal?
Yeah, that's because the male contributes to the colour of the eggs his offspring lay, not to the colour of the eggs of the hens he is mating.

The female determines what colour eggs she lays and that is governed by who her parents were. Whatever colour eggs they are laying will always be the same no matter what rooster you put with them.
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